Surface Keyboard/TypeCover Not Working? Try this

Has the type cover for your Surface suddenly stopped working, as mine did? These simple steps worked for me.

The night prior I put my Surface Pro 3 into hibernate. The next day the type cover (keyboard) was completely unresponsive and the backlight didn’t light up. I checked the connectors, which were fine.

I discovered this series of steps (I’ve since lost the link), which worked for me:

  1. Power off your Surface
  2. Press Volume Up and Power for about 10 seconds
  3. Power up your Surface
  4. The Surface will boot up to the BIOS. At this point you will likely see your type cover is working again! At this point just Exit from the BIOS – no need to save changes

For some reason just getting to the BIOS screen was enough for my Surface to recognize my type cover again.

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