Minecraft, Raspberry Pi and GPIO!

Want to do something with Minecraft, programming, Raspberry Pi and electronics? Checkout this project from MagPi which was certified as awesome by my everyone - including our cat Rory!

[wpvideo QPReS8IL]

Source of the Project

This project comes directly from the The MagPi Essentials - Hacking and Making in Minecraft.

This blog post is my demonstration of the end product as well as instructions for you, coding club kids.

You can download it from the Raspberry Pi website here but, just incase that link dies, the following is a copy I’m hosting.

Getting Started

Instructions start on page 59 of the PDF.

A few tips before you get started

  • Make sure the Raspberry Pi is 100% ready and working
    • Test that Minecraft is working - BUT ONLY A BRIEF TEST :)
  • Ensure you have all the hardware
    • LED
    • resistor
    • breadboard
    • wires
  • Follow the instructions

There is an error in the PDF. It’s not a big one; I’m sure you can figure it out if you compare the code with the picture you see of the GPIO ports on page 62

Have fun and let me know how you what you think in the comments!

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